Upcycled Weekly Planner

I’m back and it’s time to Shine! Today I have some Artsy Fun for you, upcycled weekly planners. Last year I made happiness journals for my family and friends but accidently bought too many blank planners. I’ve been storing them … Continue reading

Jenine Boisits Helps New Writers Shine

Happy New Year! I’m starting something new this year at Shine, Just Shine. Every month or so I will interview someone who is helping others tap their creativity and Shine. This month’s interview is with Jenine Boisits. She is an … Continue reading

Artsy Fun: Get Started!

Today in Artsy Fun I want to share 3 tips to help you get started and move your creative life forward when you’re stuck, frozen or have big time constraints. 1. Doodle. Scribble in fact. I used to do this when … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup

It’s -23C in November!! My brain doesn’t know what to do with this fact. I think it’s frozen. Guess I’d better make some soup. Here’s the recipe for a quick and easy black bean soup. It takes about 10 minutes … Continue reading

The Power of Ten

The room is a disaster; clothes, toys and books are strewn everywhere. A pile of dishes trembles on the counter. Company or Monday is almost at the door and you’re tired, really tired and tackling it is the last thing … Continue reading

Creating an Art Pack to Go

Creating an Art Pack to Go In my post How Get Creative When You’re Crazy Busy I shared with you some strategies for finding time to be creative when there isn’t a lot of time. Today I thought I’d give … Continue reading

Almond Torte (Gluten Free)

Almond Torte (Gluten Free) I love desert. I really love desert. My taste buds crave it and my body holds on to every delicious bite. That’s why I decided to skip desert most of the time and make really exceptional … Continue reading

GF’s and Vegans for Supper, Oh My!

What do you do when you have company coming and need to make something gluten free and vegan? You whip up this delicious Cranberry Pecan Quinoa Salad. It is easy and quick especially if you have some cooked quinoa in … Continue reading

Black Beans and Rice Camping Style

I hate cooking on vacation! I really hate cooking in the great outdoors. Cleaning the frying pan without lots of easily available hot water and using a cooler instead of a fridge makes it tough. Really tough. This might not be a … Continue reading