The Power of Ten

The room is a disaster; clothes, toys and books are strewn everywhere. A pile of dishes trembles on the counter. Company or Monday is almost at the door and you’re tired, really tired and tackling it is the last thing you want to do. Then, the solution forms in your head “The Power of 10, I can try The Power of 10!” At least that’s my bloggy fantasy. Now, if you don’t fall over laughing or just pick up the nearest magazine and curl up on your laundry pile , you might want to try The Power of 10.

That was the beginning of my first draft. Sounds like a sales pitch right, even the capitalized name of the technique just begs a person to pitch it. Well, after I wrote the first draft two weeks ago, life happened and I haven’t blogged since. This morning I was  feeling dried out and blah, then I spent 10 minutes playing in my sketch book. “Aha!” I thought, “today is the day to share the rejuvenating Power of 10.” Please forgive me, I decided to go with the pitch, it was too fun to resist.

Let me take you back… It was a dark and stormy night in the midst of parenting. The kids were young and I was inexperienced. The place was a mess and there was no end in sight. Then the idea formed in my mind, we would have a race, the 10-second-tidy. I could probably keep the kids attention that long and get them to pick up 10 things in 10 seconds– long seconds. To my surprise, it actually worked and became an important part of our bedtime routine. Eventually we built up to the 10 minute tidy and managed to maintain it.

Over the years the 10-second-tidy became The Power of 10. It is useful in a wide variety of situations. For example, it’s a gorgeous sunny day, there are a million things to do in the house and you think “I’m going to die if I can’t go out and enjoy the day.” Set the timer for 10 minutes and tackle that report for work, the dishes, your blogging, your art project, practicing the piano or whatever it is you are resisting. In 10 minutes, you will have accomplished something. You will have converted 10 minutes of guilt into 10 minutes of solid effort. Then go outside, enjoy the day and when you come back inside do it again.

The Power of 10 is useful in breaking down huge jobs into manageable parts. You can use it to tackle all sorts of jobs and projects. The secret is that we don’t think of ten minutes as a long period of time. Even hated jobs are tolerable for ten minutes because the end is easily in sight. Not only is The Power of 10 useful in breaking through procrastination, it can be used to push through creative blocks or that no-time-to-create helplessness. 10 minutes can be squeezed into the day between loads of laundry or appointments. 10 minutes of creative play, preparation or even anticipation feels great. It sure beats stressing out!

Over time The Power of 10 turns your wasted time into completed projects and solid skills. Feel the accomplishment! Join me today, try out The Power of 10.

Hope you enjoyed…

Let’s Shine!

~ Julie

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