Upcycled Weekly Planner

I’m back and it’s time to Shine! Today I have some Artsy Fun for you, upcycled weekly planners. Last year I made happiness journals for my family and friends but accidently bought too many blank planners. I’ve been storing them for a year and decided it’s time to transform them. Now what do you do with an old weekly planner?

Upcycled Weekly Planner Exterior

Upcycled Weekly Planner Exterior

It’s good as a scribble pad, or to use as paper for an art journal, or maybe for gel printing; but I challenged myself to find a way to use the planner intact. As I was contemplating the lines running across the pages and the difficulty of having last year’s dates, I started thinking about washi tape and collage. I realize 52 weeks is a lot of collaging and washi tape but I was determined to do something with these little books, well at least one of them!

For this project you will need:

  • An old weekly planner, it doesn’t need to be completely blank you can either pull out the used
    use a little gesso

    use a little gesso

    pages or gesso over the entries

  • A variety of colors and widths of washi tape, preferably an opaque variety
  • Collage materials
  • Mod Podge or gel medium if you are collaging
  • Brushes

The idea is to cover last year’s dates and create a new journal to play in. Have some fun and get creative! Each journal will be unique. Some pages will work out really well and others not so much. Don’t worry about it! You can always put some gesso over it and start again or build up a few more layers. It all comes out fine in the end.


  • If you are running a single line of washi tape across a span of two pages, gently tear the tape at the join and press it down to each page. This prevents the tape from coming loose in the middle.
  • Use opaque tape or several layers of tape because otherwise you will see the writing underneath (last year’s date).
  • If the tape comes loose use a little white glue, gel medium or Mod Podge on the ends to tack it down.
  • Collage is fun but it takes more time and there’s a chance that the pages will wrinkle.
  • If the cover is plastic or vinyl, use Mod Podge or gel medium to stick down the washi tape.

Some finished pages

Upcycled Weekly Planner Page

Upcycled Weekly Planner Page

Upcycled Calendar interior 4 IMG_7946

Upcycled Weekly Planner Page

UWP interior 3 IMG_7967

Upcycled Weekly Planner Page







Have some fun with this, and remember to Shine, Just Shine!

~ Julie




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